Oliver Burkett
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Obituary of Oliver Burkett

Oliver Burkett passed away on National Pets Day - April 11, 2019 in the arms of his mom.  In two weeks - on April 26 - he would have been 15.

My dear Oliver.  I don't know where to begin.  I have long known that when you would leave me it would be hard but I never realized just how much.  You were not only my "child" - you were my best friend and right now my world feels very empty.  You and Abby were "my family."  I could not have asked for a better companion these past 15 years.  You came very close to making it to your 15th birthday in a couple weeks - you probably were tired of those birthday parties.  Everywhere I look in my house - you are there.  You are there at every doorway waiting for me to come out of the room and be with you.  You are in my memories of many of my vacations and oh how you loved your car seat and traveling.  You watched out the window often but many times when I looked over you were just in your car seat staring a hole through me.  I will miss your chatter that sounded like a dolphin when you got excited about things like going to the puppy park.  You are at the top of steps getting last minute pets and kisses before I went to work.  You are definitely there in kitchen hoping I would drop something you could eat.  You are in my bed where you slept at my feet every night AFTER you gave me kisses behind my ears to say good night.  I still hear the click of your paws on my floor, I still can feel the many kisses you gave me.  You were always on the ottoman next to my chair and as I watched TV - I petted you all night and covered you up if I thought you were cold.  When I said it's night night time, you ran to the bedroom ready to go bed.  Moments after my father died in my home and I picked you up as you were at my feet, you started kissing away my tears.  You died in the same home and there is no one to kiss away my tears as they freely fall.  I trust that in time I will once again smile as I think about you and not cry.  You brought me so much joy in my life that I am on empty without you.  I am very sad but that is a testament to how much you meant to me.  Every fiber of my being and my beliefs tells me you are now sitting on grandma's lap because she almost loved you as much as I did and threatened to steal you many times.  Many of your doggy cousins and best friends preceded you in death and I hope you are able to find them and run and play to your heart's content.  I thank you for all that you were to me and I will never forget you.  Until we meet again my "boo baby."  Love Mommy (Peggy)

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