A Word About Burial                                          

Burial is for pet families who want a permanent location as a resting place for their beloved companion. Families, who tend to move homes or relocate periodically, will need to consider the limitations burial imposes on your ability to move your pet’s remains.

Kentucky residents may bury close to home, however, the law requires burial to a minimum of four feet deep with the body covered with two inches of quicklime and at least 3 feet of earth. In addition, the site must be more than 100 feet from any watercourse, sinkhole, well, spring, public highway, residence, or stable (Kentucky Statues – KRS Chapter 257.160). Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center carries sealed caskets to protect your pet. 

Ohio residents do not have the option to bury their pets on their residential property.

Pet Cemeteries are available for those who do not have a burial site close to home or live in an area which prohibits burial in residential areas.  Pet Cemeteries require the purchase of a grave site, a casket and also charge for opening and closing the grave. Faithful Friends Pet Memory center is able to facilitate all of the arrangements with the cemetery on your behalf. We also provide a handling of the body and transportation service for those who are not comfortable with this process.

Wherever your faithful friend is laid to rest, a personalized stone, marble or granite marker can be made to mark your pet’s final resting spot.  

A Word About Cremation                                   

Cremation is a popular and practical option for handling the bodies of pets. Ninety percent of pets in the United States are cremated. 

There are three types of cremation:

Communal - this is when multiple pets are cremated simultaneously and their remains co-mingled. The remains are then disposed of on private grounds or in a local landfill. This type of cremation is also called group or mass cremation. Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center offers this type of cremation to both pet families that use our services directly and to veterinarians in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Individual - this is when 2 or more pets are cremated at the same time and are separated by sufficient space, by dividers or  each pet is in their own individual pan during cremation. This type of cremation is commonly used for veterinary cremation supply. This helps to keep the cost down for the vet's office to be able to offer affordable cremation to their clients. Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center offers this type of cremation to veterinarians in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Private - this means that only one pet is cremated at a time. This method eliminates co-mingled remains. Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center cremation packages, offered to families that use our services directly, are this type of cremation.

Cremation allows for the greatest range of choices and options. Cremated remains may be scattered in an area special to your beloved companion, buried, or kept in a special place in your home. 

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