What Do I Do if My Pet Passes Away at Home?

It is not unusual for an aged companion to pass on peacefully in his sleep. Although it will most likely be a shocking and disturbing discovery for you, take comfort in the fact that your faithful friend was where he knew he was loved, safe and comfortable during his last moments of life. Also, take comfort that you now know exactly what to do. A simple phone call to Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center will assure you that you do not have to go through this situation alone. We will arrange to come to your house to pick up your beloved animal companion and transport him to our facilities. He will be treated with dignity and respect from the time he leaves your side until he is returned to you.

What Do I Do If My Pet Is Suffering?

If your regular vet's office is closed, you may want to call an emergency veterinarian clinic to help you assess your beloved pet's situation and help you make a decision as far has his medical needs are concerned.

In the Greater Cincinnati area, there are several 24 hour veterinary services available. Click here for a list of these services.

What Do I Do If My Pet Needs To Be Euthanized?

If euthanasia is necessary, a phone call to let us know the time and place of your appointment will permit our caring staff to arrange to pick up of your faithful friend soon after your appointment is over. You will need to let your vet’s office know that Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center will be caring for your pet’s body. This will allow them to release her body to us without delay.

For those who feel they cannot bear the trip, or are unable to transport their pet, to an euthanasia appointment, a member of Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center’s caring staff will pick up your sweet, sick one from your home, transport him to your vet's office, cuddle and love him through the entire euthanasia process and then transport your pet angel to our facility to be cared for with dignity as per your instructions.

What Do I Do If My Pet Passes Away While I Am Out Of Town?

An unexpected death can be extremely difficult. Not being able to say goodbye, especially for children, can leave a wound that may take a long time to heal. At Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center we understand the human need for closure and want to give every family this opportunity.

If your boarding facility, or pet care giver, calls with this sad news, let them know that you wish Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center to care for your pet’s body. Then give us a call and we will discuss your preferences and make arrangements to collect her body. Among these options will be the opportunity to say goodbye to your beloved companion when you are home from your trip.

More Information

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