Why should you use Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center's services?

Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center was the first business in Greater Cincinnati whose main concern is care and support for the family in the loss of a beloved animal companion. Our caring staff will provide you with grief information to assist you, phone calls to support you, an ear to listen, and guidance to preserve your memories.  We will arrange visitation with your beloved animal companion and/or a formal memorial service to say goodbye. We are here to help you turn your grief into mourning and set you on a positive road to healing. 

Every pet angel that comes into our care is treated with dignity and respect. Upon your call to us we will pick up the precious body of your pet within hours, not days. She will be wrapped in a soft blanket* and placed in a pet carrier for transport to our facilities. We take a paw impression and fur clippings as keepsakes for you and then follow your instructions as to your preference of disposition.

Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center is pet specific. We are not a human funeral home or cremation service that has a pet business on the side. We have our own pet specific crematory at our facility and do not outsource any of our pets for cremation. We perform private cremations for our pet families and practice a quality control system that ensures the integrity of our cremation process. We can guarantee that the pet released into our possession is the pet that is returned to you without co-mingled remains from other animals.

*We do not bag our pets or place them in cold storage. Please understand, however, that circumstances such as viewings, funerals, burial or warm seasonable temperatures may create the need to use short term cold storage. If this is of particular concern to you please let us know.

Our facilities are at 4796 Limaburg Road, Hebron, KY, 41042.

We are open from Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm, but ask that you please call before dropping by. We are in and out with families and would hate to miss you.

Our phone number is 859-282-6527.