Final Arrangement Options

The Preference of Cremation

Cremation is for families who would like more freedom in the resting place of their faithful friend. Cremated remains can be buried, placed in a special container, or scattered at a special place. Cremated remains also gives families many options to create a personalized tribute to memorialize their beloved pet.

At Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center, we own our own cremation facilities. As your faithful friends body will never leave our possession we can guarantee that he/she will be treated with respect and dignity. Each cremation is performed as a private cremation. This means your faithful friend is the only one placed in the crematory equipment during the cremation process.

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The Preference of Burial

Burial is for families who would like a place to visit that insures the peace and sanctity for their faithful friend. Burial would be in a local cemetery that provides this type of service for pets. Faithful Friends Pet Memory Center would facilitate arrangements. This would involve purchase of a burial plot, the services to open and close the grave, a casket container and burial vault.

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Cremation Services
If you’re considering cremation as final care for your pet, this informative page is the right place to start. It includes an overview of the process and explains your cremation options.

Our Cremation Packages

Bronze Cremation Package, Silver Cremation Package, Gold Cremation Package

Burial Services

We will be honored to assist you in the in-ground burial of your pet, and can guide you in arranging a meaningful, comforting, committal ceremony for family and friends.

Our Burial Packages

Farewell Package, Cemetery Package, Caskets

The Pet Funeral
A pet funeral or memorial service is a fine way to bring friends and family together in remembrance of your pet. We take care of all the details, and support you through the service.